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Online store for fillers. Fillmed Artfiller is a high-quality and a safe product family of fillers. On our website, you can find the products for implementing different filler treatments. You can also find filler courses and other aesthetic courses here.

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Fillmed Artfiller fillers

ARTFILLER® Fine Lines filler can be used for light filler treatments. This is a very good product for light lines and, for example, for light moisturizing and shaping of the lips.

ARTFILLER® Lips filler has been developed especially for shaping the lips, but is also suitable for use elsewhere on the face, such as the chin.

ARTFILLER® Lips soft - This filler has been developed for light lip shaping or filling light lines. Lips soft is a light and moisturizing product, but due to its viscosity, it is also filling.

ARTFILLER® Volume - The product is designed to emphasize facial structures. The product is excellent for facial filler treatments, e.g. for shaping the cheeks or jawline.

ARTFILLER® Universal - As the name suggests, the filler can be used widely over the entire face. The best areas of use are medium-deep lines and the lip area. The filler syringe contains 1.2 ml of filler, which is often enough for a few facial changes.